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Wireless positioning meter
主要满足水司营业收费大厅现金收费(非预付水表的收费、IC卡预付费水表充值)、发票打印、水户历史 以及欠费查询等基础功能。
It consists of database server, meter reading communication server, WEB application server, backup server, etc. It is responsible for the copying, storage, management and backup of the basic data of the table end.
The meter reader scans the code on the surface of the meter through the hand-held machine and transmits it to the back-end system in real time.
2G or 4G mobile network that communicates with the back-end system.
The hand-written machine transmits the data at the table end to the back-end system in real time, and the user pays the fee in real time to the charging window.


It is an automatic meter reading and query solution based on GPS satellite positioning, GPRS wireless network, wireless chip positioning, electronic map, computer intelligent monitoring technology. The meter reader carries a handheld collector (smart meter reading king), through satellite navigation, “Wireless chip” positioning, identifying water meter information, scanning digital water meter, automatically collecting water quantity information, automatically metering and billing, and uploading data back to the background server in real time through GPRS network. The manager monitors the water meter and meter reading in real time in the background.

system introduction:
The remote centralized meter reading system is composed of remote water meter, collecting equipment, communication network and system main station, which realizes the collection, transmission, export and storage of water quantity data, and monitors the running status of the watch in real time, with water quantity statistical analysis and settlement charges. , remote valve control, SMS reminder and other functions, to provide accurate and timely water quantity information data for the management department to implement the ladder charge.



1、Automatic identification of water meter index: patented technology automatically identifies water meter index, 100% accuracy.
2、The real assessment of the meter reader: real-time control of the reading rate, the evaluation rate, and the attendance rate, reducing the human leakage.
3、Wireless upload meter reading fee data: Real-time transmission of meter reading data via GPRS wireless.
4、The meter reading book is completely lost: satellite navigation, chip positioning, automatic identification, efficient and accurate.
5、The meter reader can easily rotate: the new person does not need to be familiar with the position of the water meter, see the meter reading table.
6、Quick file extraction: Chip intelligent memory water meter file and historical information, convenient for meter reading and audit.
7、The water meter is accurately replaced: it is not required to be accompanied by a meter reader, and the disassembly and assembly work is completed independently.
8、Violation of high-efficiency inspections: Inspectors found abnormal water treatment on site.
9、Track the water meter throughout the entire process: the water meter is recorded from the procurement, calibration, installation, maintenance, and scrapping.
10、Eliminate the private water meter: control chip issuance and initialization, and quickly identify the legality of the water meter on the spot.