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Wired remote transmission collector

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Photoelectric direct reading cable remote meter reading meter system consists of photoelectric direct reading water meter, collector, concentrator, remote meter reading platform. The system supports 2 levels of networking. The water meter is directly connected to the downstream bus interface of the concentrator through the m-bus bus. The concentrator sends data to the server through the uplink GPRS interface. The system supports the 3-level network water meter directly connected to the m-bus bus. The downstream bus interface of the collector, each collector can be connected to multiple water meters, the collector is connected to the concentrator through the uplink 470MHZ wireless interface, each concentrator is connected to multiple collectors, and the concentrator sends data to the server through the uplink GPRS interface.

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1 device model: CD_CJQ_B1
2 working power: AC220V ± 20%, 50HZ (single phase)
3 communication mode: uplink wireless mode or wired RS485 connection mode, downlink RS485 and M-BUS
4 load capacity: ≤ 256 tables (without valve)
5 Dimensions: 110mm*160mm*75mm
6 Working environment: Temperature: -20 ° C ~ 55 ° C; Humidity: 5 ~ 95% RH
7 Output bus short-circuit protection function: The system is required to have the output bus short-circuit protection function. When the bus or the circuit board in the table is short-circuited, the bus does not supply power.
The M-bus bus used between the 8 water meter and the collector supports the farthest communication distance of not less than 300m.
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