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September employee birthday party, Make Changde water meter man happier

September employee birthday party, Make Changde water meter man happier

Birthday is the most special day for everyone.
Birthday is the most special day for everyone. When we were young, we had the company of our parents; when we went to school, we had the blessings of our classmates; however, after work, we often ignored this very meaningful day in order to live around. But even if we forget it, some people still remember it. Because in the Changde brand water meter, there is a special day every month.
On the evening of September 25th, the private club of Tanglong Club ushered in the company's September employee birthday party ladder, delicious dinner, sincere blessing, hearty laughter, warm smile... all recorded in the camera, frozen In the memory of each employee. Let us revisit these warm and happy moments together!
Carefully prepared birthday party, greeting card, cake
Come and let us toast together
One respect for past,
One respect for the future,
Come together with you!
What are you busy picking up your phone?
That's right
Our birthday party repertoire
The chairman made a big red envelope.
Maybe everyone is in different departments,
Different positions,
There are very few intersections in peacetime.
And gathered together today,
Co-tating a birthday dinner,
Share interesting things together,
Sing a song together,
Have a different birthday together!
When the ladder is nearing the end,
Usher in a climax,
General Manager Luo Zongzhi specially came to the dinner party
Celebrate birthdays for everyone!
At last,
I wish all birthday stars happy birthday,
A dream come true!
Also wish all the Changde brand water meters will be better tomorrow,
Changde brand water meter is getting more and more brilliant!
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