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Changsha R&D Center & Brand Marketing Center was established in 2014,which is one of the technological R&D institutions of Changde Smart Water Meter, It is A strong electronic product R&D team consisting of 18 excellent software engineers and internet professionals, Who are dedicated to the R&D of Smart Water Meters and Smart Water Systems
Industrialization of key technologies for intelligent electronic water meters and meter reading systems
Project Overview: This project is a joint innovation project of industry, university and research institute of Hunan University of Arts and Science. It has signed a technical cooperation agreement in 2014. Make full use of the industry-university-research cooperation platform and Cooperate with hunan university of arts and sciences to strengthen technical research and development.
Research content:
1. Water meter base meter technology for correct and reliable measurement of water flow
2, micro power design and power supply technology overall circuit quiescent current 25 microamps, battery brownout detection, anti-passivation and instant high current circuit
3, intelligent electronic water meter hardware circuit key technology research and application Lora spread spectrum communication circuit, valve control circuit, electromechanical conversion circuit
4. Research and application of key key technologies of intelligent electronic water meter system, the development of remote meter reading system software has been completed and 5 soft applications have been applied.
Economic and social benefits
1. This project is in line with the needs of national economic development, breaking through the key technologies of intelligent electronic water meters and automatic meter reading, greatly improving the overall competitiveness and level of the smart water meter industry.
2, providing scientific and efficient meter reading, saving a lot of labor costs
3. The product of this project is conducive to promoting the construction of intelligent community, which is worthy of widespread application.
4. This project can lay a foundation for the implementation of stepped water prices, promote environmental protection and energy conservation, and achieve optimal allocation of water resources.
5. The implementation of the project has good economic benefits, which can drive the development of related industries and the pressure of employment in the link.