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The Quality Control Department is mainly responsible for organizing the establishment of management system, inspection&supervision of the product quality. There are 17 professional test technicians and National registered ISO9001 quality management system, one external auditor. 2 internal auditors, 2 electronic test engineers, 2 quality engineers, 5 quality inspectors with more than 10 years water meter inspection experience, 7 other professional quality inspectors; organized and passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management System, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO10012 Measurement Management System;
The QC department has domestic advanced water meter materials, process control and finished product performance testing equipment. The main equipments are: copper parts inspection and analysis equipment spectrometer, rubber hardness tester, high and low temperature test chamber, smoke test machine, ABS material mechanical properties (tensile strength) , tensile elongation rate, Izod impact performance, bending strength and flexural modulus) testing equipment, image tester, beating instrument testing equipment and water flow automatic testing equipment, wherein the main technical indicators of water flow testing equipment are: flow range :(0.6~1200)m3/h; uncertainty: static mass method Urel=0.04% (k= 2); standard table method: Urel=0.14% (k = 2); checked flow meter caliber: (15~ 300) mm. The type of flow meter can be verified: mass flow meter, volumetric flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter, ultrasonic flow meter, rotameter, water meter, etc.
The company implements TQM total quality management, and all employees participate in quality management. Each component of each product is controlled strictly from raw material control, production process control to finished product storage. In strict accordance with the metrological verification regulations of the People's Republic of China JJG162-2009 cold water meter and metrological verification procedures JJG1030-2007 ultrasonic flowmeter testing, in line with the water meter country GB/T778-2007 (using ISO4064 international standard) standards, through the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, 100% pass inspection.