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Smart water
According to the service area of the pipe network and the length of the pipe network, regionalization and grid management division of the water supply pipe network of the whole city; regional flow pressure monitoring, night minimum flow analysis, leakage calculation, water balance calculation, leak detection management, Measurement management.
It mainly meets the basic functions such as the cash charge of the Water Department's operating toll hall (charges for non-prepaid water meters, IC card prepaid water meter recharge), invoice printing, water user history and arrears inquiry.
The city's basic map is combined with the water supply network management information, the network management and equipment are edited and displayed on the map, the pipe network associated data analysis, the pipe burst accident analysis, the secondary shut-off valve, and the water stop area analysis.
Changde brand water meter smart water cloud platform adopts B/S architecture, free installation, and the smart water system is installed and deployed on the WEB server. All workstations are easy to install and use.
Personnel, patrol line, patrol plan, task type, task management; real-time feedback on the map on the current position of the line patrol personnel, as well as patrol trajectory; eliminate false inspections and missed investigations.
Based on the GSM/GPRS/CDMA public network platform, the automatic meter reading, the on-off valve of the water meter and the collection of the water meter operation information (low battery voltage, valve abnormality, electromagnetic interference, etc.) Can solve the long period of meter reading and slow recharge of water fee. And can avoid the complaints from users, artificial leakage , employees are difficult to assess,  estimate copy, wrong copy, cross-door, leakage copy,and other problems.

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Realize the storage of data.
Real-time online monitoring of secondary water supply equipment, remote control of constant pressure water supply equipment, regular inspection of equipment, and real-time monitoring of water quality of roof tanks.
Real-time redundant backup of data to avoid data loss caused by unexpected situations and ensure data security and stability.
Integrated dispatching platform (large screen); real-time display of operational data and working status of each monitoring point on the GIS map of the water supply network; comprehensive analysis of large-scale pressure, statistical data of monitoring information, analysis of flow pressure, real-time information statistics, time-course information analysis , measurement efficiency analysis, mobile APP scheduling.
Establish a unified dispatching center, and display the operational data and working status (instantaneous flow, pipeline pressure, water quality, etc.), working status and alarms of each monitoring point in real time on the GIS map of the water supply network through a large screen.
Realize the information control management of the process of establishing new files for new customers to install water meters. The functions mainly include the application for newspaper application, the overdue report, the notification of the progress of the watermark by the SMS, the performance appraisal of the staff, and the customization of the workflow by the water department according to the changes in the business process.


Changde Water Meter's eWisdom Smart Water Cloud Platform is a complete integrated management platform for water business, including business billing system, intelligent meter reading system, Registration and installation system, leakage monitoring assistant decision system, production scheduling system, SCADA system, GIS. Geographic management system, GPS inspection system, customer service system.



1. Adopt SOA technology architecture, seamlessly connect each subsystem, and have good business agility;

2. Process-oriented business processing mode, easy to use ;

3. Using cloud computing, big data, and Internet of Things technologies to provide various auxiliary decision-making functions such as leakage monitoring and scientific water dispatching management, and provide strong technical support for improving water management level;

4. Can access a variety of instruments from multiple manufacturers, good compatibility;

5. Support cash, Alipay, WeChat and other payment methods, water users to pay conveniently.